Monday, April 23, 2018
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Sunrise at Fairgrounds Apartment Homes – Developed 5 acre tract of raw land through Planning & Zoning, City Council, Architects and Engineers. Built from underground through finish a 108 unit – 3 story apartment complex complete with swimming pool, covered parking and clubhouse/office.

Architect – Danze & Davis Architects

Civil Engineer – West Company of Midland


Green Tree Country Club Phase 2 (commercial renovation in Midland TX)


Green Tree Country Club Phase 2 hired us to do the 2nd phase of construction.
The project consisted of removing the lower level racquet ball courts and converting to a top notch fitness center. Adding over 8000 sq. ft. second story steel structure that is free standing through the first floor to accommodate a women’s locker room and lounge, men’s lounge and bar area and terrace with one of the most beautiful views of the golf course.

The first floor was renovated to bring updates to the pro shop and men’s locker room. Work was completed in 11 months.

Architect: CCI Club Design and Chambers.




Weir Mesa Manufacturing


Multi-phased design build project. We did the construction design and building. Project included an office addition of 2400 sq. ft., and 3,800 sq. ft. to help with the growing demands of staff. We also installed new façade, renovated parking lot, and canopies. We then finished it off with a cool waterfall boasting the company logo. Phase 3 is currently underway!


Mockingbird Heights Renovation (residential renovation in midland tx)


5600 square ft. complete interior home renovation along with entire backyard and pool renovation. This project of was designed by the owner and Barbed Cross Construction and completed in six months.


Reznik Orthodontics (commercial renovation in Midland)


  • State of the art dental facility,
  • Completed in 6 months,
  • Rezniks are long time Odessa Orthodontists. 

OWNER: Reznik Orthodontics


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